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Some 'Maasa' icons!

So I thought I'd share some icons I made last night from the amazing photobook from my favorite Berryz girl...!

39 Sudou Maasa (photobook - "Maasa")

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So hi! I have some icons to share~!

Just thought I'd break the ice by dropping off the backlog of H!P icons I'm bringing over from LJ. How would everyone feel about an introductions thread, also? Might be fun, eh wot?

⇨ This post is an icon dump. All icons contained were made prior to this journal's opening.
⇨ Please comment and credit!
⇨ Please do not hotlink!

13 Melon Kinenbi
20 Gyaruru
33 "Boxed" H!P Girls
40 'Kanashimi Twilight' PV
62 Tanaka Reina Photobook
43 Random

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